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Undertile tile heating
Perhaps you have thought of floor tiles being cold in winter. No more, when your new tiles are laid I can now supply and fit electric undertile heating as part of a package.

With modern electrical systems, flexible tile adhesive, and grout this is now a reality. With a timing system and thermostat you can have whatever comfort level you find the best. No more walking on cold tiles.

The picture on the left shows the under floor cables laid over 15mm Wedi board. this process will heat the tiles much quicker and use less energy. This will be more cost effective in the long term. it also shows the layout before tiles are fitted.

The final finish is exactly the same as a traditional tile floor. Patterns and colours etc remain your choice. The result is all the advantages without any drawbacks.

If you would like any further information go to my enquiry form and I shall be pleased to offer you a quotation or further advice.

Original style Victorian 150x150 black/red tile.

D Machin 2016